Leadership Lessons: Facing Realities

It never fails. While you are simply focusing on bringing forth your best each day, there will always be those- who have no clue the work that you do on the backend- offering frivolous advice, creating moving target expectations, and secretly questioning your abilities and motivations amongst their peers and not bringing their concerns to you! The higher status you attain, the more  responsibility you take on, the more people you will lead and collaborate. Everyone will not be on your team. You will need to quickly learn the art of politics.

Nothing is every easy, and as we begin to face harsh realities of life and leadership, we must remind ourselves to never take it to heart.   Many times our enemies, themselves, are experts at putting on airs. They want to be a high achiever too-or at least create the illusion. When they fall short, tainting the image of an easy target is the only way for them to demonstrate value and attempt to gain favor.

This Spirit transcends work and community involvement and infiltrates the hearts and minds of friends, family, and basic acquaintances. Maya Angelou said ‘when they show you who they really are, believe them.’

This year I will be even more intentional in seeking wise counsel and praying for discernment of wise strategy.

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