What Did We Do Before Social Media?

This is a question I have heard many times. Out of frustration people who don’t get it or have forgotten the basic fundamentals of human behavior and the purpose of social media ask in their defensive hatred of it: ‘Social media is a fake connection. What did people do before social media?’

The subsequent mental I roll I do each time is strong enough to get my eyes stuck if I actually did it, so I refrain. If they have an account, my response is usually the same: “Then why do you have an account?

If we are connected, I ask, why are we connected? Is our communication fake?

For all,even if the dont have any accounts, I usually follow it up with : perhaps its not for you.

For many, it keeps a lot of people connected with the goings on of life. But for those who are seriously pondering the question, here’s your answer:

News flash: Lest we forget. They wrote letters and sent pictures by mail. The only difference, the updates are shorter and responses faster. It’s true the salutation does not necessarily contain your name, but that most certainly did not consider that a fake connection. Those writing letters did not.

If anyone considers your digital communication with them or (vice versa) ‘fake’, you should be careful with whom you associate. You should be a good judge of character.

For example, If I share something with you on Facebook, Instagram twitter or here, please know it is my letter to you all. Its a personal update on my thoughts, events or a thoughtful response to you.

There are so many people out there who are way too sensitive, prone to envy or have hatred in their heart, so what I am about to say will trigger plenty. Because for every opinion there is an equal an opposite reaction….but….do everyone a favor and delete ‘your fake online self’ if it is overwhelming for you. Don’t take a break, just go.

Otherwise tighten up, get some therapy for your social media dissociative identity disorder, and make social media personal to you. Let’s not over-complicate things. You’ll be a lot happier. 😉

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