Leadership Roanoke Valley: Celebration of Education Program

18157042_1681534078817604_6307539383315193248_nWhat a Fantastic day! After many months of preparation for Leadership Roanoke Valley Education Team’s Celebration of Education, we presented our day long program. We took a detailed look into how Roanoke City Schools ARE measuring up and preparing the workforce of tomorrow. We highlighted the positives happening at William Flemming High School, Forest Park Academy, and Patrick Henry High School. We provided our participants a hands on experience on how ROTEC and Governor’s School are preparing student to enter the workforce or enter college successfully.

We even managed to get some press coverage on WSLS 10 with Jenna Zibtom’s Education Matters Segment. We wanted to point out that it takes us all to pitch in and make the schools better. We cannot simply sit back and make complain. There is a lot of great things going on and we have to take advantage of them. Check out my interview here: http://www.wsls.com/education/roanoke-city-superintendent-tired-of-bad-rap-given-to-schools

18194660_1681534145484264_6734858710474750528_nWe are so honored to have had over 50 student leaders involved throughout the day! They did a phenomenal job leading tours, talking about their experiences,and teaching hands on excercises during breakout sessions, and performing surprise musical selections. I was enamored by the diversity of talent demonstrated by them all.

Starting from strong leaders like Dr. Rita Bishop, Archie Freeman III, Eric Anderson, outstanding student leaders, to former educator turned Vice Mayor Anita Price, #LeadershipInAction is a familiar term to LRV and is one of the messages we wanted conveyed to our newly minted Roanoke City Education Ambassadors!

We are proud to be able make an #LRVImpact, changing perceptions and highlighting little known programs a having HUGE impact on the lives of these young people. It was an honor to make a donation to support these wonderful local programs. Thanks to everyone who showed up, participated fully, and made this day a success! Education team thanks you all: Amy Blizzard Matheny, Betsy Crow, Lauren Mason, Lisa Walters, Wade Layton and I . I was proud to serve as chairperson of this event- a true lesson in leadership.

18118997_10105578662397693_5605814656467407011_nNow that its’ over, I keep asking what more can I do? How can I serve more and make a deeper impact? I’ve certainly tapped into my creative energy and it overflows. I’ve been so blessed to be able to lead a number of volunteer and fundraising projects in the Valley. These experiences have really deepened my connection to the Roanoke Valley. Love this place and the people. Stay tuned for my next adventure. ……after my little break.


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