Why I will neVer forgeT the date April 16th, 2007

Heavy heart this morning with all things surrounding this date.


Credit: William Chase Damiano (Classmate)

I will #neVerforgeT sitting in the French class pictured here, huddled in the front with fellow students watching the WDBJ7 highlight that an active shooter was either in Holden or Norris. I was in Holden Hall in French and my friend, Ross Allemedine (the first guy pictured above) was in Norris in French class. This guy was so great and so smart. He helped me get through that wretched Physics class and we both had a passion for science and language. This pains me so much. So much of that day is burned into my memory from putting up barricades if tables and furniture just in case he came onto our side, students looking out windows to see if we could jump, questions surrounding what will we do, and that freakin map that the reporter used on the news alert similar to the one below. Total fear grips you.


But I urge you to use events such as this as a catalyst to live to the fullest because you never know what any day may bring. Here today; gone tomorrow. I will never forget Ross, the people I have come to know below and the survivors. I can only imagine the memories they have. I honor them too. Yet, I find peace in knowing One who has Risen and provides my eternal peace and wisdom to move forward as I honor them. God Bless us all.

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