Next Time Somebody Attacks You…Online, Remember This

The Cyber-Trolls have attacked….Some commentators made an attempt to clown Jay Culter of the NFL Chicago Bears over a picture his wife, Kristin Cavallari, posted on her Instagram account. Some chimed in to defend the couple. I’m glad she handled it with grace.

One reason you cannot let the things people say affect you is that some of the people making the comments are not perfect themselves. Some people literally have what I call the troll mentality. They do it for attention, to gain some likes or retweets, to feel superior, and even to just have an outlet for the negative thoughts they have swirling around in their simple brains. Everyone trolls every now an again in some form, but some people take it too far and attempt to attack the self esteem of others. The internet can be a cruel place….for some, but others just let what others say, roll off like water because Cyber-Troll’s situation might be a little like this:

Jay Cutler Body Shamer

Oh How We Judge….

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