Happy New Year & My Goals for 2017

2016 was lit and 2017 will be the bomb! Today is Day one of growth! 2016 was full of Experimental Living. I lit a lot of fires that motivated me to action. I stepped outside of my comfort zone in many areas, and jumped in head first to thing that turned out to be well worth it. Now 2017 will be all of about and Experiential Living. While, I’m not one to wear religion on my sleeve, there are two commands that have changed my life. I will continue to do these daily:

  1. Write the vision, and make it plain. – Habakkuk 2:2
  2. Speak it, and so it will be– “For as the rain and the snow come down from heaven, And do not return there without watering the earth And making it bear and sprout, And furnishing seed to the sower and bread to the eater;  So will My word be which goes forth from My mouth; It will not return to Me empty, Without accomplishing what I desire, And without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.” –Isaiah 55:10-11

…..And one principle that directs them both.

Live a Purposeful and Positive Life. – Life and death are in the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit. -Proverbs 18:22

Each year I take the time to ring in the new year by recording all the goals, I want to accomplish during the new year. Writing down my goals serve as a compass and I can easily return to them and plan an action of attack for each one. I wanted to record them here to be transparent, and hopefully so you can watch them unfold during the year.  I know that everything will not come true as I intend, but by writing the vision and making it plain, In due time, it will occur.  Things have a way of lining up when you least expect it, and while you are focusing on your core value. My core value is community service. Volunteering opened doors, I did not expect.  So here, I record them for all to see.  I have a “vision board” that puts these words into pictures cut out from magazines. It helps me to feel as if they are already done. I have the vision board and these goals divided up into the major area of my life: Health, Wealth, Spirituality, Growth, Leisure, and Relationships.

I will be in the best shape of my life achieving 10%-13% bodyfat by May.
I will complete Jim Stoppani’s 12 Weeks to Size and 6 Weeks to Shred Program by May.
I will go to the gym at least 6 days per week.
I will prepare my own foods at home, reducing the amount I eat out to once per week.

I will double my income by December 2017.
I will create 3 streams of income by June.
I will increase my giving by 10% by December.
I will plan/participate 2-4 major Elderly-focused projects.
I will participate in 1 major health related fundraiser.
I will write an ebook in my area of personal development by June.

I will deeply write and or brainstorm 2x a week or Sunday and Wednesday.
I will double my community service hours to 20 hours a month.
I will deeply study Economics through timed courses like Coursera and hands-on opportunities starting in first quarter.
I will deeply study Politics through timed courses like Coursera and hands-on opportunities starting in first quarter.
I will read a at least 1 personal development book, cove to cover, once per quarter.
I will take the opportunity to speak publicly when the opportunity comes.
I will taken a community event/government meeting once a month as an observer to learn the issues deeply.
I will add value to the Boards I serve by connecting at least one major donor with the org.
I will increase brand awareness for my alma mater’s local chapter by 20%.
I will study the philosophy of Stoicism.

I will take a road trip at least 100 miles away the last weekend of each Quarter.
I will travel to South Carolina with the family in the second Quarter.
I will spend time with friends and family at SML at least three times between June-August.
I will go camping by June.
I will travel to Puerto Rico this year in the third Quarter.
I will take a ski trip in the fourth Quarter.

I will completely disconnect from EVERYTHING from sunset on Friday to Sunset on Saturday, at the beginning of each Quarter.
I will read a chapter from Proverbs once a week.
I will meditate and/or perform focused prayer for someone else once per day.

I will connect with a new person outside my core circle once a month.
I will plan and event with friends at least once a Quarter.
I will join a social organization and/or professional organization in the Third or Fourth quarter.
I will network well with the purpose of connecting others to one another, attending one networking event per month.
I will surround myself or create a group of achievers to learn from and motivate one another at least Quarterly.
I will reach out and mentor or help at least 1 person in need.
I will purposefully seek to find my soulmate to share all this.

Not New Year, New Me; It’s New Year, Same Me with better and more focused goals. “I Will” do all these things, because my Creator who has placed the strength and ability within me.  I wish everyone a prosperous and safe New Year!sbp

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