Ushering in the New Year With Abundance

A lot of people apparently had a bad 2016 year. Post after post, pops up on my Facebook timeline. “Fuck 2016”, “2016 has been the worst year ever”,  “I can’t wait for 2016 to be over”, “2016 has been a nightmare”. At the same time some of the same people can’t wait until 2017! These one’s leave me a bit baffled.

Here is a little fun fact: If you don’t fix or accept the issue by the 31st of this year, these same problems will follow you into the New Year.  Why was 2016 so bad compared to the other years? Perhaps, it is because every one went off the deep end as a result of Donald J. Trump’s election to the Presidency and are still in recovery, or perhaps they just genuinely had a horrible year due to some unseen mystical being released in 2016 to  wreak havoc on their lives. Everyone except me. I feel like I am the only one that had a rather good year! Sure, everything hasn’t been perfect, but I am still going into the New Year with a rather optimistic and positive outlook. I do each year, despite how hard it’s been.

One of my life’s philosophy is to never close a chapter in hate, but forgiveness, and never open a new chapter with disdain, but optimism. I hope you focus on maximizing these last few days to catapult you positively into the New Year. It doesn’t start on January 1st, it’s starts right now.



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