Where Were You September 11, 2001?


Flipping through a photo album I found this. I was on a college #prep trip with a few others on August 1, 2001 in #newyorkcity. I was fortunate to capture the #twintowers just before the horrific tragedy the following month September 11, 2001. #911 read morePosted by | View Post | View Group

Finding the ‘Right’ Friends


A few weeks ago, I shared in a Facebook post that making deeper friendships over 30 is harder. Here, I just want to extrapolate a bit, and as I write, I’ll begin thinking of some solutions to this challenge. I am happy, fulfilled and highly satisfied. I admit, I  don’t have many problems. I am …

Cultivating A Winning Attitude


On September 3rd, I went to my first Virginia Tech Football game ever. I was so excited to experience this for the first time. Not to mention, we won! This was the icing on the cake for a wonderful experience. While I was at the university, I was always involved in some other activity and …

Learning and Defining My Leadership Style Through DISC


I was fortunate to be one of the few accepted into 2017 Class of Leadership Roanoke Valley. Last week was my first time together with all of the participants.  I spent two days on a mountain top with a people I barely knew. This was a step outside of my comfort zone, but well worth it! …