Next Time Somebody Attacks You…Online, Remember This

Jay Culters

The Cyber-Trolls have attacked….Some commentators made an attempt to clown Jay Culter of the NFL Chicago Bears over a picture his wife, Kristin Cavallari, posted on her Instagram account. Some chimed in to defend the couple. I’m glad she handled it with grace. read morePosted by | View Post | View Group

Freedom Is Ringing; Will You Answer?


Each Year we ponder the same question. “Have we Progressed toward attaining the ideals set by Dr. Martin Luther King?” Each year the same answers are repeated. “Yes, but we have more work to do.” However, no one really specifies what is that “work”. Even on 01/16/17 as Martin Luther King III met with president …

So Fly…


Oh yeah….This guy is excited! I just received my Bespoke post shipment. I love this Jack+Mulligan Miller backpack. I could not wait to start using it. read morePosted by | View Post | View Group

Happy New Year : Day Two – Failed Resolution


Welcome to my Day Two of the New Year. So one of my Resolutions for 2017 was to become more compassionate. I caught a mouse for the first time……on a glue trap….I feel sad… I did not want to move it. It was wiggling, trying to break free. It felt inhumane. I seriously wanted to …

Happy New Year & My Goals for 2017


2016 was lit and 2017 will be the bomb! Today is Day one of growth! 2016 was full of Experimental Living. I lit a lot of fires that motivated me to action. I stepped outside of my comfort zone in many areas, and jumped in head first to thing that turned out to be well …

Ushering in the New Year With Abundance


A lot of people apparently had a bad 2016 year. Post after post, pops up on my Facebook timeline. “Fuck 2016”, “2016 has been the worst year ever”,  “I can’t wait for 2016 to be over”, “2016 has been a nightmare”. At the same time some of the same people can’t wait until 2017! These …

Walk in Your Truth…


When you figure out what X is, you carry the 1 to a better life. Life is a never ending hustle. We engage in a constant battle of given and take, ups and downs. read morePosted by | View Post | View Group

2016 Stockings For Seniors


I organized my Winter project for Seniors called Stocking For Seniors. In this initiative, I partnered with Villages of Africa, Fetch and Sleep EZ in Lewis Gale. They served as drop off locations. While their patrons stopped to drop off filled stockings packed with personal items, games, clothes, etc. Recipients were nominated by members of …

Inclusive VT Project 2022 Panel


I had the awesome opportunity to speak on the Inclusive VT Project 2022 Panel at Virginia Tech today! I was all nerves until Lisa, my coworker gave me the time honored advice, “Tighten up!”  Nothing like some tough love! For reals….. I needed that encouragement! I can’t wait for the next opportunity to participate in something this exciting! …

Happy Thanksgiving!


Look at all this food I have prepared! I’m kidding. I’m here with my family on this wonderful Thanksgiving! My delightful mother spent the day cooking for all of us!  It is a wonderful time to give thanks, surround yourself with good people and find ways to give back to the community in some way. Tis the season …

An Effort To Do Good Takes a Horrible Turn


Okay…So I purposefully try to support small business–mom pop shops. Many are awesome, but occasionally I run into stores with a dearth of civility and the lack of common decency to train or hire people with at least marginal customer service skills. read morePosted by | View Post | View Group

My Experience with Cologne Subscription Service Olfactif


So, I have tried a number of subscription services since the concept became popular. I am excited about this new one that I found. One day, I was in Macy’s attempting to pick out a new cologne. Then, I thought, ” I wonder if there are any cologne subscription services.” I hopped onto my phone  …