An Effort To Do Good Takes a Horrible Turn


Okay…So I purposefully try to support small business–mom pop shops. Many are awesome, but occasionally I run into stores with a dearth of civility and the lack of common decency to train or hire people with at least marginal customer service skills. read morePosted by | View Post | View Group

My Experience with Cologne Subscription Service Olfactif


So, I have tried a number of subscription services since the concept became popular. I am excited about this new one that I found. One day, I was in Macy’s attempting to pick out a new cologne. Then, I thought, ” I wonder if there are any cologne subscription services.” I hopped onto my phone  …

Celebrating Columbus Day with a Moscow Mule


This evening to celebrate the end of Columbus Day, I ran to the store to purchase a few ingredients for one of my new special occasion beverages–the Moscow mule. The copper mugs, ice mallet, cloth bag, ginger syrup, I received in last month’s Bespoke Post Shipment. It was on point. It was very enjoyable and …

Finding Confidence In Yourself


We must accept the fact that everyone will not cheer for us. This is fine and dandy. Everyone does not believe in sharing in your achievements, or giving credit where it is due. This because it can give rise to their own insecurities and faulty feelings of self worth. read morePosted by | View Post …

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